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  Super Mario 3D Land - Nintendo 3DS
Super Mario 3D Land - Nintendo 3DS


Price: $39.99
Sale: $34.98
Avg User Rating: 4.5 Stars

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Super Mario 3D Land - Nintendo 3DS

A Great storm has blown through the Mushroom Kingdom, blowing Super Leaves all over the place! In the chaos, a princess has been kidnapped, and monsters throughout the land have taken on the powers of the Super Leaf for themselves. Looks like another job for Mario to power-up, power through, and save the day!.

------------------------New Amazing Features and Levels!------------------------

Power-Up with Mario
With Mario's amazing new 3D world comes an array of awesome new power-ups and items, alongside classics that fans know and love-all experience in thrilling new ways.

Explore the 3D World
Get ready to see the Mushroom Kingdom like never before. With the unique 3D features of Nintendo 3DS, every question block, platforms, and enemies can be seen more easily in the space around you-letting experts play with greater precision, and new players jump in more easily than ever.

Mario's Moves
Mario is keeping in great shape with all his running, jumping, and all other forms of platforming acrobatics. In order to get around this 3D world, you'll need to become a natural with these moves.

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Customer Rating: 5 of 5 | Total Reviews: 55 Write a review

Classic Mario May 13, 2013
Reviewer: sgtexas  
Fun game. It keeps my attention and it is retro. I like these old school games.

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great May 11, 2013
Reviewer: Golabiewski1  
It's a game you never want to put down. Fun for the entire family.

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Really fun entry in the Mario series May 11, 2013
Reviewer: sylviandark  
This is a very fun platforming game. There are lots of levels to play, plenty of classic Mario moments, and lots of replay value. My only criticism is that the 5 shiny stars are missable and also the levels are a bit short.

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Great for intermediate beginner May 10, 2013
Reviewer: justmichael001  
Classic game for all ages. Mario go ways back. Love the three dimensional game play now. Not only do you move forward or back, but complete 360 movement making it a little more challenging compared to the traditional Mario.

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Solid Mario game May 10, 2013
Reviewer: KATS1041  
A solid entry in the Mario series. Makes good use of the 3D effect in designing levels to give a vertigo effect. The level design overall is, of course, the best part of a Mario game and this is no different. My only critique is that it has a bit of the same-old same-old feel, 3D not withstanding, and the game is fairly short. It's not as challenging as others and while the short levels make it easy to pick-up-and-play on a portable, I wish there were more of them.

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